Easy Mutton Biryani (Pressure Cooker Method) - Step by Step Recipe

You guys must be wondering how come I am posting non-vegetarian recipes back to back. Hey let me tell you, these are some recipes wh...

You guys must be wondering how come I am posting non-vegetarian recipes back to back. Hey let me tell you, these are some recipes which were pending in my drafts since long time. I am just posting them as I am getting time. :) I made this awesome mutton biryani last month and believe me that was the best biryani I made ever. The taste still lingers on my tongue. 

This recipe is quite easy to make and less time consuming as it doesn't involve the process of layering. Also I have used store bought biryani masala, so you don’t have to make the efforts to grind the masala at home. Try this easy pressure cooker mutton biryani and let me know your feedback. 

Serving – 7-8 


Rice – 1 kilo (around 4 cups) 

Mutton / lamb meat – 800 gm 

Onions – 4 (Sliced) 

Tomatoes – 5 (Cut into cubes) 

Green chillies – 7-8 (slit) 

Minced ginger – 1 tbsp 

Garlic paste – 1 tbsp 

Biryani masala – 1 packet (I used Sindhi Mutton Biryani Masala) 

Red chilli powder – 2 tsp (Don’t put much as biryani masala also contains red chilli powder, If you don’t like very hot, you can skip adding red chilli powder, biryani masala will give enough spice to biryani.) 

Turmeric powder – 2 tsp 

Salt to taste 

Oil – 1/3 cup + 2 tbsp (little less than ½ cup) 

Butter – 1/3 cup (Butter is must if you want to make best biryani, you cant skip ;)) 

Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp 

Green cardamom – 6 

Cinnamon stick – 1.5 inch stick 

Some black peppercorns 

Bay leaves – 4 

Lemon juice – 2 tbsp 

For marinating the mutton 

Yogurt – 1 cup 

Turmeric powder – ½ tsp 

Ginger garlic paste – 1 tbsp 

Method of preparation 

  • Wash the rice and soak into water for at least 40-45 minutes. 
  • Wash the meat pieces under warm water. Then add yogurt, turmeric powder and ginger-garlic paste. Mix well and let it rest in a refrigerator for at least ½ hour. 
  • Heat up oil and butter together in a pressure cooker. Add cumin seeds, slit green chillies, cinnamon stick, black peppercorns, green cardamoms, bay leaves, minced ginger and garlic. Stir this for a minute. 
  • Then add sliced onions and sauté until they get slight brown colour. Add tomatoes and cook until they get mashed up with onions. 
  • Then add biryani masala, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and salt to taste. 
  • Now add marinated mutton pieces and 4 cups of water. Put the lid on and cook until 3 whistles. (I used baby goat meat, so It took me 3 whistles to cook the meat nicely. Cook as per your own judgement.) 
  • Once the pressure goes away, open the lid and add soaked rice. Now be careful while adding water. As yogurt and tomatoes forms nice gravy and your rice is also soaked, you don’t need much water. I added around 1 and ½ cups of water and it worked perfect for me. (1 cup yogurt + 5 tomatoes + 4 cups of water for cooking the meat = 4-5 cups of gravy).Remember that rice to water proportion is 1:2 and judge how much water you will need. 
  • Mix rice well and add lemon juice. Make sure you added right amount of salt at this point. Put the lid on and cook until 3 whistles. Let the pressure goes away naturally. 
  • Open the lid mix the rice gently. 
  • Serve biryani hot with onion-tomato rayta.


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